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Version 3.8

August 24, 2023

Just about every bug fix and tweak in this update came directly from user feedback. I owe a huge thank you to everybody who emailed me. Thank you and to thanks to everyone else using Rerouter as well. Enjoy!

  • In Safari, users can now toggle whether or not they would like to "pause" Rerouter. In the past, Rerouter was off by default, and the extension asked if the user would like to "enable" it—which was a confusing, unnecessary step.
  • A new feedback form, powered by Google Forms, has been added to the main app. This is a great place to report any bugs, request new features, or just generally reach out to me. I'm always happy to hear feedback!
  • Rerouter's algorithm now supports search-oriented URLs like "...maps/search/."
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to reroute an invalid URL in the main application would lead to a crash.

Change Log