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Meet QR Pop

Create beautiful QR codes anywhere, anytime—without sacrificing your privacy or drowning in ads. QR Pop is a thoughtfully designed QR code generator crafted to feel right at home across all of your Apple devices.

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A rendering of two iPhones floating, layered above each other, running QR Pop. The top phone is showing QR Pop's generator with a National Park Service themed code being built. The lower phone shows the app's main menu.

Endlessly Customizable

Take advantage of dozens of unique QR code formats, like WiFi and Contacts, and countless unique design combinations. Then, once you’ve crafted your masterpiece, export your code or save the design as a reusable, sharable template.

A rendering of an iPad displaying QR Pop's generator page. The image is zoomed into the design portion of the editor.

Always in Sync

Save your codes to the Archive and access them across all of your devices via iCloud. View archived codes right when you need them with Siri, Shortcuts, and Widgets. Then, share them to the big screen with AirPlay or QR Pop for Apple TV.

A screenshot of QR Pop for the Mac overlayed by a rendering of an iPhone displaying QR Pop. Both instances of QR Pop are presenting the Archive page with the same codes present on both to demonstrate the application's ability to sync data via iCloud.

Everywhere You Need It

Turn websites into QR codes instantly with the QR code generator for Safari. In most other situations, you can use the Share button or even Siri and Shortcuts to create the perfect codes.

Two renderings of iPhones layered slightly above each other. The top iPhone is demonstrating QR Pop's Safari Extension and features a QR Code for the Zion National Park website. The lower iPhone is demonstrating QR Pop's Shortcuts app support and features a screenshot of the Shortcuts app editing a shortcut using QR Pop.

Built for Privacy

QR Pop uses the best method possible to protect your data—not collecting it at all. The app does not track you in any way and never communicates with a server. Your archived codes are securely stored in your private iCloud account. I couldn’t see them if I wanted to.

Privacy Policy
A man looking through binoculars sitting in a field of large grass. There's a bird perched on top of his head.

Available On

iOS 16.1+

iPadOS 16.1+

macOS 13.1+

watchOS 9.1+

tvOS 16.1+

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"QR Code" is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE.

QR Pop is an open-source project available under the MIT license. No purchase is necessary to use. This software is provided via Apple's App Store "as-is." Use is goverened by Apple's Standard End User License Agreement. Any and all published information is subject to change.