Version 3.2

September 24, 2023


  • The Twitter builder has been changed to X
  • The Contact builder has been updated with an entirely new "Create Contact" experience complete with support for dynamic fields and address validation.
  • Added the ability to modify image export resolution.

User Interface

  • Added the ability to "Select All" archived codes and templates on iOS and iPadOS.
  • The Settings page has been reorganized.
  • Both the "Red" and "White" alternate icons have had their designs tweaked.
  • A new feedback form has been added to settings.
  • Various other tweaks and improvements throughout.


  • Support for StandBy on iOS 17 as well as the lock screen on iPadOS 17
  • The standard "medium" widget, as well as all lock screen widgets, have been redesigned.
  • New "Extra Large" widget for iPadOS 17

Siri & Shortcuts

  • New Shortcut to create QR codes using saved Templates.
  • Added the ability to define an image export resolution to existing Shortcuts.
  • Fixed a bug where Shortcuts may fail to launch on iOS 17.


  • Improved design throughout featuring new watchOS 10 navigational elements
  • New in-app QR code builder for creating simple, plain text codes
  • A new corner complication has been added and all other complications have been improved
  • General speed improvements and various bug fixes.

Change Log