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Apple Watch

September 23, 2023

QR Pop for Apple Watch is a unique companion experience that makes your entire Archive available on your wrist. The app uses iCloud to seamlessly, automatically, and securely transfer codes from your other devices.

Using iCloud

QR Pop for Apple Watch quietly communicates with iCloud to keep your Archive up-to-date across all of your devices. This experience is unique compared to many other Apple Watch apps because it does not require a companion iPhone. QR Pop can sync just as easily with your Mac or iPad.

If iCloud is available, QR Pop will connect automatically to your personal storage container. Since QR Pop for Apple Watch relies on iCloud for functionality, be sure that you:

  • Have a valid iCloud account
  • Have plenty of available storage space on iCloud
  • Are able to connect your Apple Watch to the internet

Viewing QR Codes

Your Archive may look different on Apple Watch compared to your other devices. Due to limited screen real-estate, some design elements are removed to improve scannability. Specifically, codes generated on Apple Watch will not have image overlays or background accents.

You may wish to tap "Simplify Code" to further improve scannability. Simplifying your code strips away all color and design elements, creating a simplified black-and-white code optimized for scanning.

Creating QR Codes

On watchOS 10 and up, users can create simple, text-based QR codes directly from their wrist. Instead of the designer, Templates are synced via iCloud. This allows you to quickly create codes which you can then share or save to your Archive for further editing on another device.

Codes created on your wrist do not contain some design elements available in the complete version of QR Pop such as imag overlays or background accents—even if the Template otherwise features those elements.

To create a code, simply select the "plus" button on the home screen.

Interacting with QR Codes

Codes within your Archive can be shared or deleting using QR Pop for Apple Watch. Codes are shared as a .png image using built-in Share functionality. Codes may also be deleted using the red "Delete" button next to "Share Code." Any codes deleted on QR Pop for Apple Watch will be deleted on other devices as well. Since an internet connection is required to update other devices, this change may not be instant.


QR Pop suggests your five most-recently created QR codes as complications for Apple Watch. Complications open QR Pop directly to the code they represent for easy scanning and are available for nearly all placements.

The Basics